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Zoltan Mason – Astrosynthesis – The rational system of horoscope interpretation according to Morin de Villefranche –,_Zoltan,_Jamesücher/Angebote/titel=Die+astrologische+Synthese+eine+Kombinationslehre

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Sue Ward (2011) – Das Fundament der Astrologie – Wie die alten Herrscher und die neuen Planeten zu ihrer astrologischen Bedeutung kamen – – Seite 140 – „The common sense got lost“. – Mit der Entdeckung der äußeren Planeten Uranus, Neptun und Pluto stellte sich die Frage, ob und wie diese in die Reihe der Herrscher eingefügt werden sollten. Sue Ward studierte zeitgenössische Quellen, um zu erfahren, wie die heute gängigen Deutungen entstanden sind. Es zeigt sich, dass der Einfluss der esoterischen Astrologie die Deutungsinhalte massgeblich geprägt hat. Am Schluß stellt sie die Frage, inwieweit es gerechtfertigt war, das System der klassischen Herrscher zu verändern. – Well – From a Scientific – Historical – Approach, the modern delineation of Uranus, Neptun and Pluto is the result of a very successful Scam (Betrug) – One of the biggest Hoaxes in the History of Astrology.

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Steven wrote: „I do wish people would stop calling this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21st 2020 „a Great Conjunction“! It is simply a conjunction! Here is what the man who wrote the text book on them had to say:“[12] Since the things from which to deduce advanced knowledge of the occurrences of general <types of events> and their particular instances in future times are gained from six elements, <here they are:> The first is from the celestial bodies’ positions in the horoscopes of the revolution of the years in which the conjunction of the two superior planets occurs in the spring tropical sign, happening every 960 solar years.[13] The second is from the celestial bodies’ positions in the horoscopes of the revolutions of the years in which their conjunction occurs when they shift from one triplicity to another, occurring every 240 solar years.[14] The third is from the celestial bodies’ positions in the horoscopes of the revolutions of the years in which the conjunction of the two malefics occurs in Cancer, and from the period of their conjunction in it, occurring every 30 years.[15] The fourth is from the celestial bodies’ positions in the horoscopes of the revolution of the years in which their conjunction occurs in each sign, happening every 20 years“I fail to see the word „Great“ any where here. In fact Abu Ma’shar does not really cover one of the conjunctions which later Persian astrologers actually called a great conjunction. His first one of Aries to Aries in 960 years is not right! (blasphemy!) it in fact takes 2880 years for the conjunction to return to Aries because each fire sign has a return of 960 years. That is to say that before Aries returns to Aries it shifts to Leo and then Sagittarius then back to Aries. That is the one the later Persians called a „great conjunction“. Just saying!I am sure my dear Persian brother Ehsan Khazeni who actually sits with these texts would be glad to confirm this 🙂As a footnote Masha’allah wrote:“For indeed, the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter are the greatest conjunctions and signify events and divisions.“But his statement has to be taken in context and that is that he was comparing it to the conjunctions of ALL the planets whereas the later Persian astrologers made the distinction between the different conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter themselves, because there were distinctions in what they indicated for each type of Saturn/Jupiter conjunction!’Umar says basically what Abu Ma’shar says except in his time they were in the 960 years of Leo so he says Leo and he gets it wrong as well because he says in his mundane work on the conjunctions called kitab al-Qirānāt wa-tahwil as-sinīn;“The indications of the first ‘ām is taken from the returns and the periods, or transits of the conjunctions of thousands; I mean the conjunction of the two planets, Saturn and Jupiter in Leo (Abu Ma’shār says Aries), to their return to that place: this is a period of 959 years (thus the thousands and Umar is relating this period to the Zoroastrian cycle of a thousand years). This point of time indicates the sum of what happens in this period. At this point in time there is a shift from one condition to another, like of which has never occurred before. No indication is like its indication, no period like its period, and there is no doubt about the change, as we will explain.“ So it is only Masha’allah that calls these the greatest of all (planetary) conjunctions. While the majority of Persian astrologers made the distinction between the Saturn Jupiter conjunctions as to the events they indicated! One being greater than the others because it signified very dramatic events!“ re to Religions and Dynasties by Abu’Masar

Heiresis (Sect) – How do we know what we know about the traditions we use? – Robert Schmidt’s premise, following the late David Pingree’s conjecture, is that Hellenistic astrology was established by one person or a small group of people.