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On the Basis of the Biographical Information in „The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar“ – and Luis Ribeiro on History vs. Practice in Traditional Astrology –

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and the Academy of Traditional Astrology

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Amsterdam Conference 2004 – Horoscopes and History – Horoscopes and Public Spheres: Essays on the History of Astrology (Religion and Society, 42, Band 42) –ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=36IBVKL6W8W99&keywords=Horoscopes+and+public+spheres+%3A+essays+on+the+history+of+astrology&qid=1672346883&sprefix=horoscopes+and+public+spheres+essays+on+the+history+of+astrology%2Caps%2C65&sr=8-1

Robert Zoller, Pioneer in Reviving Medieval Astrology –

Heavenly Spheres – 2004 – 2007 – English 2010 by AFA

Ali Ben Ragel – 11. Jh. – El Libro Conplido en los Iudizios de las Estrellas – übersetzt aus dem Altspanischen in den 1990iger Jahren in Spanien von der Gruppe Escuela de Traductoresde Sirventa mit Rafael Gil Brand – – 1254 aus dem Arabischen in die kastilianische Sprache im Auftrag von Alfons X – dem König von Kastilien übersetzt. ––0/

Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra geboren zwischen 1088 und 1097 in TudelaSpanien; gestorben am 23. oder 28. Januar 1167).

The Warburg Institute in London – – Ernst Cassirer – Philosophie der Symbolischen Formen –

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Helena Avelar and Luís Ribeiro on Traditional Astrology – – Transscript – – Podcast –

The Tradition: Journal of Western Predictive Astrology

The Tradition Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Sciences, FCUL –

Dissertation – Transgressing Boundaries? Jesuits, Astrology and Culture in Portugal (1590-1759) – – This thesis addresses the use of astrology by the Society of Jesus in the early modern period – an almost unexplored topic in both the history of Astrology and Jesuit historiography. – – Prof. Dr. Charles Burnett – – Filmliste –

Henry Baté of Mengelen and his Translations of Ibn Ezra –

The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar – – The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar – –

Academy of Traditional Astrology

The Academy derives from the natural development of the Escola de Astrologia Integrada (School of Integrated Astrology), founded in 1999 by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro. – From 2004 on of the School expanded its goals, turning into a centre of research of the astrological tradition, and it was renamed Academy of Astrological Studies. While maintaining its goals, standards and purposes, it expanded to accommodate the academic dimension. –

On the Heavenly Spheres

Traditional Astrology Course – Essential Concepts & Interpretation Basics

Astra Project

1st Episode – Researching the History of Astrology with Charles Burnett –

An international and multidisciplinary project for the study of the history of western astrological doctrines, techniques, and practices from antiquity to the early modern period – https://theastraproject.org

Astra is an international, multidisciplinary academic project for the study of the history of western astrological doctrines, techniques, and practices from antiquity to the early modern period. The project is housed in CIUHCT (Interuniversitary Centre for the History of Science and Technology), University of Lisbon, and its developed in partnership with The Warburg Institute, University of London. The main focus is on the History of Astrology, specifically astrological techniques, and it is open to collaboration with related areas, such as the history of astronomy, medicine, magic, geography, and philosophy. The goal is the study of the history of astrological practices in western culture, by a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the main texts and textual traditions. This entails the study of traditions, concepts, techniques and practices from many perspectives such as historical, mathematical and linguistic.

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