Talk with Sue Ward am 5. 11. 2021 about her Horary Course

About Sue Ward and how her Course came about and what  content she is teaching  and her Sources for that Teaching and the context of her Course in the Horary – Teaching – Community.

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General Information about Sue Ward

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The Course

The Traditional Horary Course – Overview and Syllabus

All students begin their studies with the first five lessons. No matter how experienced they might be, it is unlikely that they will have encountered at least, some of this material previously. In order that all students work from the same orientation, all begin at this point. The material in these early lessons is the most important that they will learn with The Traditional Horary Course, or, perhaps, at all.

After that they may choose which module they wish to study, however, to obtain the Diploma, theymust have completed all lessons, attended all classes, and completed the required three verified predictions.

Course and Book Presentation

The Book 1

For the first time since its inception in 1993, the Traditional Horary Course is in book form as a foundational text for students. It contains twenty lessons teaching the entire traditional system as it applies to horary astrology, the art of interrogations, for beginning and advanced students. Sue Ward explains the astrological system as it stood in the early modern period and as it was articulated by William Lilly (1602-1681) in his Christian Astrology. He studied widely and in great depth, and was the foremost astrologer of the mid-seventeenth century. His study of astrology was filtered through his wide practice and disseminated through his textbook and other writings. The result of his work is presented here through the lens of one of his students. – German Amazon –ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1X9UIDKOMW4CK&keywords=Sue+Ward%27s+Traditional+Horary+Course&qid=1635939424&sprefix=sue+ward%27s+traditional+horary+course%2Caps%2C59&sr=8-1 – Amazon United Kingdom –

The Book is an Encyclopaedic Explanation of the Techniques of William Lilly’s teaching and practice with lots of example charts, it is therefore an excellent reference work for all astrologers.

Book 2 coming soon – Sue Ward’s Collected Essays

Aspects & Orbs with Non-Planets – – William Lilly –