Talk with Dr. Lee Lehman – October 28th – 2021 – Horary Astrology in the 21st Century – Theory and Practise since Ibn Ezra

Talk with Dr. Lee Lehman – March 18th – 2021 – Academic Dean of Kepler – College –

2008 – Kelly Lee Phipps interviews Dr. Lee Lehman –

2017 – The by far best podcast about Prof. Dr. Lee Lehman and her Horary Approach with Chris Brennan on the Astrology Podcast –

Prof. Dr. Lee Lehman is Author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002), Astrology of Sustainability (2011), Traditional Medical Astrology (2011), Classical Solar Returns (2012), The Magic of Electional Astrology (2014), Learning Classical Horary Astrology: Notes & Workbook (2017), and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates. She is a Tutor for the School of Traditional Astrology, both in horary, and in a medical course which she has designed. 


Teaching Astrology – The Avalon School of Astrology – – Regular classes in Amsterdam


Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro – The Astra – Project

28th of October 2021

Talk about Horary Astrology in the 21st Century – Theory and Practise since Ibn Ezra, Bonatti and William Lilly

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1985 – The Regulus Edition of William Lilly – „Christian Astrology“ and my Partner’s Christmas Present – 2. M. enrolls with Olivia Barclay – 3. >300 Pages clash with Olivia – 4. Our visit to Kent – 5. Being an Acolyte of Olivia

Clive Kavan on the Regulus Edition of Christian Astrology –

William Lilly’s History of his Life and Times: From the Year 1602 to 1681 –

Deborah Houlding and the STA



Newly expanded and updated – 2006

Die astrologischen Häuser – Tempel der Planeten

Häuser bilden das gesamte Spektrum des Lebens ab. –

2012 / 2017

Martial Art of Horary Astrology  – 2002

The New Book – Notes and Workbook: Learning Classical Horary Astrology – 2017

Filmliste Reception

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Dykes on Horary Astrology

Benjamin Dykes – Traditional Astrology & Ancient Wisdom – Horary/questions

The Book of the Nine Judges

Hermann of Carinthia: The Search of the Heart

Solar Returns – Ab Minute 23:20 ––3-1-15.mp3?c_id=8441233&cs_id=8441233&expiration=1634853442&hwt=43a8d5b988b921ba9f91bf0754083276

The School of Traditional Astrology – Sacred Life Vocation towards Wisdom


„The School of Traditional Astrology places its focus on tried and tested astrological techniques that are based on profound metaphysical principles and which have proven their worth over centuries of successful practical application.

Founded by Deborah Houlding in 1996, and initially specialising only in horary astrology, the school is now the collaborative product of some of the world’s finest astrologers working together to create an expanding syllabus of courses. Currently, the STA offers training in horary astrology (in English, Chinese and Greek) and medical astrology: new courses on electional astrology and astronomy for astrologers are scheduled for release in 2021.

The STA does not currently offer courses suitable for beginners.“

STA – Tutors

Deborah Houlding

Providence, Prophecy, and the Divinational Role of Judicial Astrology Deborah HOULDİNG –

Filmiste –

„founder of the STA School, is based in the UK and has worked as an astrological consultant since the late 1980s. Her articles on horary have been translated into many languages and have appeared in numerous international journals. She was the founder of Ascella Publications (specialised in the republication of traditional astrology texts), editor of The Traditional Astrologer magazine (1993 to 2000), and creator of the Skyscript astrology website. She has also worked as the Horary Editor for the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s Journal and the The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which presented her serialised ‚Introduction to Horary Astrology‘ in 2013.

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Der deutsche Astrologe Alfred Grimm

Stunden-Horoskop und Elektionen 1926, Astra-Verlag, Dresden

Bild des Verkäufers für Stundenhoroskop und Elektionen. zum Verkauf von Antiquariat an der Linie 3

Prof. Dr. Lee Lehman on Traditional Astrology

Classical Astrology for Modern Living – 1996 –

The Book of Rulerships – 1992

Essential Dignities – 1989

Astrology for Initiates – 1996

Astrological Secrets of the Western Mystery Tradition –

Astrology for Initiates: Astrological Secrets of the Western Mystery Tradition (English Edition) von [Papus]

The Famous American Astrologer Robert Sterling Hand – The Use of Military Astrology in Late Medieval Italy: The Textual Evidence Hand – „Textual Evidence for the Use of Military Astrology in Late Medieval Italy.“ – Dissertation director: Dr. Katherine L. Jansen
Co-founder, Arhat Media

Chris Brennan – Quote: „Vettius Valens – The first critical edition of the work of the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens, known as the Anthology, was published by Wilhelm Kroll in 1907. This edition is available for download below thanks to Google Books. David Pingree later published an updated edition of the text with additional fragments in the 1986, thus superseding Kroll’s edition. While Pingree’s edition should be the primary one used for any translations at this point, Kroll’s is still a useful starting point…

A full English translation of Valens’ Anthology was released online in late 2010 by Mark Riley. For more information see our entry on Riley’s translation of Vettius Valens on our blog.“

Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

  1. The project Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus is dedicated to the edition and study of the Arabic and Latin versions of Ptolemy’s astronomical and astrological texts and related material. This ‘Corpus Ptolemaicum’ includes three categories of texts:
    1. Ptolemy’s authentic works, comprising the Almagest, the Tetrabiblos and the minor works Planetary HypothesesPhaseisAnalemmaPlanisphaerium, and Handy Tables.
    2. Pseudepigrapha (works falsely attributed to Ptolemy), i.e. mainly the Centiloquium, but also other astronomical and astrological works, about 30 of which are known in Arabic and Latin.
    3. Commentaries on the texts under A and B above.
  2. General aim – The aim of the project is to provide a full treatment of the Corpus Ptolemaicum, including a catalogue of manuscripts (§3 below), editions of the texts (§§4-6), and various tools and studies towards a better understanding of Ptole­my’s reception in the Arabic/Islamic world and Latin/Christian Europe up to 1700 A.D. (§§7-8).
  3. Catalogue of manuscripts – The catalogue of manuscripts will describe all surviving Arabic and Latin manuscripts (and early printed editions) of the Corpus Ptolemaicum, categories A, B and C. It is anticipated that this catalogue will include at least 100 Arabic and 500 Latin manuscripts.
  4. Editions (Authentic works and pseudepigrapha,